Which documents should I carry while riding my bike?

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Buying a bike is a necessity for some and a passion or hobby for others. But some things are common for both of them. Bikes give you great comfort and affordability, which offer you freedom.

But with great freedom comes great responsibilities. It is imperative that you follow all the rules and regulations that come with owning a motorcycle.

All the legal and lawful traffic rules are written or made for your protection and safety. Take, for instance, wearing a helmet. You won’t fall off the bike and break your skull every day, but you are still supposed to wear a helmet every day just in case, for your safety, every day!

Buying a comprehensive bike insurance policy to protect your bike from potential risks doesn’t necessarily mean you ought to go through an accident. In the same way, these documents are essential not just for law but also for your safety.

Let us discuss the documents that you need to carry all the time with you while riding a bike!

Mandatory Documents You Should Carry While Riding A Bike

Driver’s License

When you get caught by the police, the first thing they ask from you is a driver’s license. It is arguably the most crucial document to carry while driving your motorcycle. It proves you are a capable driver who understands, comprehends, and knows the traffic rules.

It proves your capability and says that you stand accountable for your actions on the road. You have to carry a driver’s license compulsorily, come what may! You might also be subject to fines, legal actions, and penalties for lack of one.

Registration Certificate

The registration certificate is crucial to prove the fact that you are the legal owner of the bike. It contains essential information about your bike.

You must carry the registration certificate with you to avoid any complications in case you are stopped by law enforcement.

Bike Insurance Document

In India, when you purchase a bike, you must buy a bike policy online. If you have a bike, you must have a third-party or comprehensive bike insurance policy, but two-wheeler insurance is compulsory.

To protect yourself financially in the event of an accident, theft, fire or any disaster (natural or man-made), you must carry your insurance certificate for your bike. It is proof that your vehicle is insured and it also has the required coverage.

Pollution Under Control Certificate

A pollution under control certificate or a PUC certificate is another important document you must carry with you at all times.

It is a certificate that signifies that the emissions of your bike are within the permissible limits. It is an initiative to make every rider contribute to environmental conservation.

Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is not a compulsion for all riders; this is an age-specific mandate. If the driver is 50 years of age or older, they are to carry a medical certificate that indicates the health of the driver.

It is to verify that the driver can ride in public and won’t have any difficulty doing so.

Bike Fitness Certificate

Just like the owner, the bike’s health also matters. The age limit for the bike’s owner is 50, and for the bike is 15.

A brand new bike is healthy until she is 15, and after that, the bike needs to get fitness checked. The Bike Fitness Certificate indicates the shape and health of the bike, and it is alright to bring the bike on the road for riding.


Carrying all these documents while driving your motorcycle is not just a legal requirement. As we mentioned, it is crucial for your and your bike’s protection.

When traffic police stop you, these documents come to your rescue. These documents, like registration certificates, documents for bike insurance, licenses, etc., are also very convenient to carry around.

Being a responsible rider means protecting yourself from the law, but it also means keeping the public out on the road safe by following the rules. Buying comprehensive bike insurance is also an inevitable part of bike ownership.

Nowadays, getting bike insurance online is very easy and convenient, too! In the same way, getting all these documents is very easy, too. So take that effort and dive with confidence!

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